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Director: McG

Cast: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin

Terminator Salvation is an all out action flick lacking soul due to its brittle storyline. But it will not satisfy the die-hard franchise fans looking for a worthy sequel to the first two films after the mishap that was Terminator 3. This installment of Terminator is all style and no substance.

The story opens in 2003 with death-row inmate, Marcus Wright (Worthington), agreeing to surrender his body to Cyberdyne systems for experimentation after execution. In 2018, the war between the small patches of human survivors and the machine army wages on. John Connor (Bale) is now the spiritual leader of the Resistance.  Following a botched mission Connor loses his entire unit and somehow activates Marcus. Later, Kyle Reese (Yelchin), the soon-to-be time traveling father of John Connor and some young man who inadvertently saves Marcus from an attack is abducted and taken to Skynet headquarters with thousands of other human slaves. Connor knows that he must rescue Reese. But as one would expect, not everyone and everything is, as it seems.

As a summer blockbuster, Terminator Salvation is striking. Director McG does a good job of keeping the action tight and breathtaking. There are several excellent action sequences in this film, and all of them are handled with panache. Probably the best thing about the film is the use of the variety of Terminators ranging from T-600s to T-800s.

But the big problem the film faces is that it lacks focus. The movie moves into a new area of storytelling in this universe created by James Cameron, and looks confused with the story it really wants to tell. The script is the real culprit here. Agreed, there are some mind blowing CGI action sequences in this film, which make it an out and out action blockbuster. But without a core storyline, everything falls flat.

Christian Bale is the biggest downer in this film. His role is not fleshed out enough to portray him as the messiah of the Resistance that he is supposed to be. He is just seen irritatingly shouting in the microphone transmitter throughout the film. On the plus side Sam Worthington does a wonderful job as Marcus Wright trying to find salvation and redeem himself.

The film does not resolve any issues brought up by the storyline, clearly keeping it’s options open for a sequel. But at the end of it all, you will realise that perhaps it is better if the franchise is terminated. Watch it for the action sequences.

Director: J.J.Abrams

Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, and Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek as a franchise was getting old and desperately needed revitalizing.  Thankfully, that’s exactly what director J.J. Abrams has provided. He has managed to do so in a manner, which will please the cinematic standards of current audiences. Tributes to the original films and TV series, ranging from offhanded references to exact lines of dialogue will please the Trekkies. It is as successful a reboot of the franchise as anyone could have asked for, and it opens up a plethora of possibilities for the future.

James Tiberius Kirk (Pine) is persuaded to join Starfleet after a chance meeting with Captain Christopher Pike (Greenwood) of the new starship USS Enterprise. Meanwhile, the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock (Quinto) is trying to find his path between human ways and Vulcan values. Kirk and Spock both end up on the bridge of the Enterprise with other crewmembers. They are joined in time by engineer Scotty (Pegg) and a visitor from the future, Spock Prime (Nimoy). Then emerges a tremendous Romulan mining ship from 150 years in the future.  The pilot, Nero is here to exact his revenge on one Mr. Spock, by forcing Spock to witness the destruction of his two worlds, Vulcan and Earth. This pushes the duo of Kirk and Spock to battle Nero before he initiates the irreversible destruction.

You are thrown in to the action head on with lasers, explosions and crashes. The plot unwinds with lots of technically superb action shots. Chris Pine very ably captures the essence of James T. Kirk without aping the legendary Will Shatner. Zachary Quinto looks impressive as Spock and plays the role with a darker shade than his predecessor. Even the rest of the new actors fill the shoes of the old cast impressively. The pick of the actors is Simon Pegg with his comedy amidst all the action. The most memorable scene in the film comes when Kirk takes over as the captain of the ship.

The time travel story of Star Trek is a prequel and a sequel to the other films in the series, which is brilliant. It creates a new timeline, but one that still recognizes the former feats of the Enterprise crew. This will please the Trekkies and will simultaneously allow outsiders to join in the action. All in all Star Trek is an action packed ride as it treads in a new direction without forgetting its roots. Watch it!