Person of Interest






Plot Synopsis

The story, which looks like it will be a procedural series, centers on the relationship between Reese and Finch, a pair of men with mysterious pasts who team up to try to prevent crimes before they happen. Finch (Michael Emerson) has developed a system that provides the social security numbers of Manhattan residents who are about to involved in a dangerous crime. Reese (Jim Cavaziel) is a military man-turned-bum whose brain and brawn help Finch protect the innocent and prevent violent crimes.

My Thoughts

Person of Interest delivers the elements of a crime procedural in an unpredictable manner. Michael Emerson is brilliant in his role as Finch. There are undercurrents of Benjamin Linus in his behavior. But I am sure that will pass once he finds his own feet as Finch. Jim Cavaziel is very good in his mysterious character Reese – A special agent whose past is unknown. The writing on the pilot was tight for most parts barring the painful and over-dramatic dialogues at times. But it comes from writer Jonathan Nolan, so I have faith in this show. An interesting part of the pilot was the background score. The score of this pilot had tracks picked up from the OST of β€˜The Dark Knight’! The tracks (one of them was β€˜Why So Serious?’) went very well with the sequences but I hope this was only a placeholder for the pilot and they will work on an original score. If you liked the concept of β€˜Minority Report’, you will love this show as the premise is similar. If the writers flesh out the characters well on the show in the coming episodes, the series should work. I will definitely watch the show when it premieres.


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  1. Good to see another show in ‘Mad Men’ league in terms of the visual style, costumes, props etc – should be interesting.

    When are they expected to start airing if finalized? This Fall?

  2. Alcatraz : Hope the plot is extensive enough. Look forward to it!

  3. Person of Interest:

    Will watch it just for Michael Emerson.

    Yet another great fit in the role of (probably) a middle manager getting things done (probably for someone higher in authority).

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