Pan Am







Plot Synopsis

It’s a work/relationship drama about life among the stewardesses of Pan Am airlines, who are held up as icons of glamour and sex appeal–and who are forced into girdles by the dress code, and forced out of the job once they marry or hit their early 30s. The drama series ‘Pan Am’ takes us back to 1963 and the beginning of the Jet Age. As a fast, new airliner takes to the skies, the passengers and the crew face a voyage whose landscape is shaped by romance, shifting societal values and international espionage. Maggie (Christina Ricci) is the head stewardess on the flight who trains the new lot while first officer Ted (Michael Mosley) looks for a new companion. There’s a lot of excitement on the first flight for Pan Am.


My Thoughts

The first thoughts after watching the pilot were that there was too much happening. Many parallel plots developing at the same time didn’t give a chance to the characters to flesh out. But then again, it is just the pilot. Perhaps things will change as the series goes forward. When I heard about a series based in the 1960s, only two words came to my mind – ‘Mad Men’. As soon as you compare anything to ‘Mad Men’, expectations are going to be very high. But I am not going to compare it to ‘Mad Men’ just yet. The art direction on the show is stellar and the girls are pretty. The series uses the Jet Age as a metaphor for the times in the 60s. But as I said, way too much packed into an hour. I am eager to see what happens in episode 2 of the show. But not as eager as I was to watch the pilot in the first place.

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  1. Good to see another show in ‘Mad Men’ league in terms of the visual style, costumes, props etc – should be interesting.

    When are they expected to start airing if finalized? This Fall?

  2. Alcatraz : Hope the plot is extensive enough. Look forward to it!

  3. Person of Interest:

    Will watch it just for Michael Emerson.

    Yet another great fit in the role of (probably) a middle manager getting things done (probably for someone higher in authority).

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