I was in Los Angeles, California from the 21st – 30th of May, 2011 to attend LA Screenings by different television production studios. LA Screenings is essentially a convention following NYC Upfronts where major studios screen the pilots of their upcoming shows for international clients to give them an idea of what the slate for each studio looks like that year. Television networks around the world make decisions about purchase and syndication of shows based on these screenings.

Here are my first thoughts on some of the pilots that I watched in Los Angeles this year. Please keep in mind these are not reviews of the shows. These are just my first remarks on the basis of the pilots viewed.

This is the first part of the series of blogposts. In this post I talk about the four most awaited shows this season.


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  1. Good to see another show in ‘Mad Men’ league in terms of the visual style, costumes, props etc – should be interesting.

    When are they expected to start airing if finalized? This Fall?

  2. Alcatraz : Hope the plot is extensive enough. Look forward to it!

  3. Person of Interest:

    Will watch it just for Michael Emerson.

    Yet another great fit in the role of (probably) a middle manager getting things done (probably for someone higher in authority).

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