I Hate…

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are more things in this world I hate than the things I like. Yes, I am one of those. These are the things I hate in this world, listed in no particular order.

I hate people touching me.

I hate people using incorrect grammar.

When people spell weird as wierd. Which fucking school did you go to, you idiot?

When people chew with their mouth open. Someone needs to tell them they look like fucking cows.




I hate Timothy Dalton as James Bond.

I hate hotels charging for WiFi.

Smoothies with Bananas in them.

Chocolate Cake. Yes, I fucking hate it.

I hate it when my cabbie stops near the exhaust of a truck.


People hitting ‘Like’ for every update on Facebook.

Software updates. Which tell you to download an installer. Which will in turn download the actual update.

.docx and .xlsx

Double negatives.

People who take forever to use the ATM when I am standing in line.

Redundant terms like ATM Machine and PIN Number. Ugh.

Family functions.

Aunties at family functions going, “Oh my God! You have grown so tall!”. Did you expect me to shrink, bitch?


People playing Farmville in the workplace, all the time.

When I am eating M&Ms and someone asks for the green ones.

Crying children on a flight.

Parents who can’t control their bratty children.

People who cancel plans habitually.

People who use ‘your’ when they mean to use ‘you’re’.

Long meetings.

Needless meetings.

Anything apart from the Recycle Bin on the desktop of my computer.

People who ask  ‘Can I ask you a question?’.

When people use ‘Can I’ when they are supposed to use ‘May I’.

Smelly people.

Bad breath.

Diet Coke. It tastes like shit.

When a friend orders a muffin and the waiter sets it in front of me assuming I am going to eat it just because I am fat.

Hip Hop.

Bars that play Hip Hop.

People who talk during a movie.

When a server doesn’t pour beer properly.

People who don’t reply to text messages.

People who typ lyk dis.

Also, people who TyPE lIkE tHis

People who put other people on speaker-phone without warning.

People who constantly get up in movie theaters.

People who bring infants to movies.

People abbreviating words when they speak.

People who eat while talking.

People who spit.

People who litter.

Tangled earphone wires.

People biting their nails.

People wearing sunglasses when they are indoors.

People who lie.

I could go on and list at least 200 more things that I hate but I am bored right now.


  1. No Name says:

    I hate… people who leave they blog posts incomplete by just saying “Later”.

  2. Bharath says:

    You hate “People who lie”? The average person tells four lies a day. Statistically you are now not capable of love!!

  3. Vishal says:

    Your awesome! 😛

  4. Karmen says:

    You don’t like people touching you? When did that happen?

  5. Gaurav says:

    I’d “like” this post but its just not my thing. I’m sure every person reading this would go “Hey! Me too!” reading some of the points.

    Brilliant post.

  6. burpingbutterfly says:

    Fine! I’m sorry I cancelled plans. You don’t have to hate me! 😦 😀

    P.S: That dessert thing happened when we were at Indigo remember? Remember?

  7. Darius says:

    Timothy Dalton as James Bond was bad. George Lazenby was WORSE!

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