Director: Todd Phillips

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Heather Graham

The Hangover is one of the funniest films released in the past few years. It is an incredible comedy filled with bizarre situations and whacked out characters. With constant laughter and chaos being thrown at you, it is not only a great comedy but also pretty intriguing ‘mystery’.

Doug (Bartha) is about to get married, so his best buddies Phil (Cooper) and Stu (Helms) decide to throw him a bachelor party in Las Vegas or Sin City as they call it. Doug’s fiancée’s odd and often ‘pant-less’ brother Alan (Galifianakis) tags along too. To kick things off, they go up to the roof of their hotel and do shots of Jagermeister, a highly potent drink. After a wild night partying it up Phil, Stu and Alan wake up to a trashed villa, a chicken, a baby in the closet and a gigantic tiger in the bathroom. They can’t remember a single thing about the evening. Oh, and Doug is missing. They spend the next day and a half trying to piece together exactly what happened during their long blackout in search of their about-to-get-married buddy Doug.

The key to the success of this film is the cast. All the performances blend with each other perfectly generating a terrific chemistry on screen. A special mention to Galifianakis as he steals the show playing the wide-eyed, slightly retarded man-child who’s up for anything. His speech of inviting the other guys to his ‘Wolf pack of one’ is extremely funny and to watch out for!

Fresh surprises keep coming as the story moves along bringing some crude, some stupid and some witty laughs. With the unpredictable plot twists; the jokes come so quick that you have little time to question what is happening. It stumbles occasionally, especially in the third act, when some of the lesser characters try too hard. But those are forgivable sins, considering how hilarious and entertaining the rest of the movie is.

All in all, The Hangover is an innovative path that a comedy has taken. There are some questions unanswered in the end, but you won’t care since the rest of it is so good. Watch it with your buddies. This is one of those movies that is not to be missed. A piece of advice: Wait for the end credits to roll.

  1. Mangat says:

    Hilarious movie… i watched it hundred times… i like most the scene in which Alan is with baby and he is trying to shag baby… 😛

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